Standard #11 Technology Standards for Teachers – (NETS-T*)/2 Artifacts

Artifact #3: Technology Mission Statement

Using Technology in a Child Life Setting

            Throughout the years, technology has developed into a way of life for children and adults, in school and the workplace, and even within the household. Society relies on technology for everyday living, in which we have adapted to over a period of time. With new innovations made each day, our world is always up to date with new and improved products. This is possible because of the resources that we have at our disposal, in which we should be extremely grateful for. As Americans, we are very privileged—we truly do live in a land of opportunity.

            Compared to how often I used technology growing up, the children of our current generation grow up with technology all around them. Schools are providing students with iPads and laptops that are available at the ready. When I was in grade school, each class would have a designated time each week to use the computer lab. Going to the computer lab was a privilege and being able to use technology the way we do certainly is a privilege. There are often instances in schools and household where technology is being overused and children aren’t spending enough time outdoors or doing physical activity. If technology is used in a positive way and the time of usage is monitored, technology can be a wonderful resource for parents, educators, and everyone else who can benefit from using technology in the working field.

            After graduation, I am going to pursue my career as a Child-Life Specialist. The Child-Life department is a growing field that is being introduced to hospitals nationwide. A Child-Life Specialist works in a hospital setting alongside doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and so on. As a member of the Child-Life Department I am going to be helping children and their families get through the whole hospital experience. I will break down the process of each child’s procedures—explain what is going to happen to them on a child level, show them where the procedure is going to take place and where they are going to recover, and keep their minds at ease during their stay.

            In my future field, play therapy is an essential part of my job. By definition, play therapy is, “A method of meeting and responding to the mental health needs of children and is extensively acknowledged by experts as an effective and suitable intervention in dealing with children’s brain development (” There is no doubt that I am going to incorporate technology in my day to day work. Technology is going to be an important resource, especially because most of the work that I am going to be doing is indoors and movement/space is limited. Most adult patients that are undergoing treatment are unaware about what they are going to be experiencing—imagine how a child feels? Children need to be able to have some kind of understanding of what is happening to them considering it is their life. By incorporating technology, the department can collaborate and come up with ideas, decide what applications can be effective, etc. With iPads, patients can be interactive and engaged at the same time. Technology will allow children to retain the information that they are given. The children will also be able to choose the applications they want to use. These applications put their minds at ease, as well as educating them at the same time. Children often have trouble communicating, especially at a young age. Children can use models, even emojis, so describe how they are feeling. There are applications that allow users to create their own animations/cartoons. The users can adjust characters, to even look like the patient, and change the background to look like the hospital setting. The user can adjust the voices to sound like the patient and the doctor so that way the child can know exactly what is going to occur. I would start the script by having the doctor say, “Hi, my name is Doctor _____, and I am going to show you what we’re going to be doing today!” With a friendly animation, children will hopefully have a sense of what’s going on and ease their fear of being in the hospital.

            Technology has benefitted a variety of companies, organizations, businesses, hospitals, etc. It has made so many things possible and allows individuals to embrace their creativity, awareness, and knowledge. Technology is going to keep growing and making an impact in people’s lives. Although technology can have negative and positive aspects, technology has worked towards making the world a better place and will continue to have a permanent influence on the way we live.

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How does Artifact #3 demonstrate Standard #11?: Students are expanding their knowledge by learning about occupations outside of the norm. Students are being engaged in animated models that demonstrate real-life skills. 

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