Portfolio Framing Statement

With writing an essay comes dreading the point of revision for the final draft. After working for so many hours on one assignment, the thought of having to reread it entirely is nauseating. After preparing myself to do so, I started to notice different patterns in my writing sequence. Without realizing, I had the tendency to repeat the same ideas with different wording. For our second paper on the values of American society, I had difficulty starting off an introduction. I wanted to incorporate the ideas of what Americans value without going too in-depth and straying away from the two industries focused on in this essay. At the first attempt of draft one, I quickly wrote about how American values are based on the people in the world around us. I later came to the conclusion that it is based on an individual’s perspective of himself, followed by the world around him, as stated in my essay. I approached an obstacle when it came to transiting from paragraph to paragraph. Some of my paragraphs were lengthier than others because I did not want to leave out any information. For example on my draft of The Values of American Society, I stated in paragraph two, the factual evidence leading up to the effects of TBHQ. Although I felt it was necessary to back up all the information stated, my peers and advisor suggested that I shorten up the paragraph. At a second look I realized that it was apparent that I had added too many quotations from the author into one paragraph. Instead of further explaining each quote, I stuck two quotes side by size. This prolonged paragraph was squished together and took the flow out of the entire essay. Proofreading has allowed me to take advantage of critiquing my own work. I had difficulty coming in contact with criticism, especially from my peers. Over the course of the semester I have become more comfortable with my peers editing my work and giving me feedback that I actually took into consideration. By doing so I have been able to make my work more significant and well put together.

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