Final Journal/Thinking Seriously About Food

For a majority of us privileged Americans, everything is handed to us from the time we are born. We are given clothes to wear, a roof over our heads, and guardians to watch over us. Unfortunately, in underdeveloped countries, people struggle every day to make a living and support themselves and their families. Many of these countries lack something we all take for granted—water. Water is something that is always at the ready and on top of that, is clean. While we have systems that keep our water clean and safe to consume, people are drinking out of dirty rivers and lakes and travel hundreds of miles by foot just to gain access to water. Before our world became more civilized and advanced in technology, hunters would go out and kill animals as a source of food. In order to survive, this had to be done. Although the treatment of animals is now a huge controversy in our world today, we continue to consume the meat from these animals because that is what our culture adapted us to do. This semester we learned about two very different industries that had one thing in common. The fast food and funeral industries are both sheltered from the public but are very common in our society. We partake in the fast food industry specifically because we are always on the go. Once again this proves that we are privileged and fortunate to have food at the ready, even if this is not considered real food. Because it is what I am accustomed to, I am still going to continue to eat meat. Although I do not believe in animal cruelty, the likeness of me changing my eating habits is slim to none. It is important for my future children to know that even though many things are at the ready, is necessary to work for everything that you get. In the beginning of the semester we wrote about our favorite meal. I want my family to have a tradition of my own that is passed down through the generations. This allows the meaning of coming together to have more significance. Rather than going out to eat and having a meal prepared, the family can come together and have a specific role in the process of making a home cooked meal. Whether you partake in this by buying the food, cooking it, or even watching the food being cooked, everyone is together and has something to share and remember. Our values influence our children’s values, which is why it is apparent for our children to know where we stand in the world.

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