Peer Editing Response Letters/Kevin Brewer

  • Focus on MLA format
    • Header format:
      1. Name
      2. Professor Jesse Miller
      3. English 110
      4. Day Month Year {example – 13 November 2016}
    • Double space (avoid leaving space between header, title, and paragraphs)
    • Make your introduction longer. Three sentences is too short for an introduction. You want to have enough information but not too much
    • Introduce more about Hal Herzog and David Foster Wallace
    • Make your thesis more clear
    • Good points were made {example – “This is because everyone shares different views on their beliefs on what is food and what isn’t. “We never see the wildlife of the ocean as our pets or companions as some may see a pig or a cow.”}
    • Paragraphs appear to be a bit lengthy – shorten them up. Make two paragraphs our of them instead of one
    • Focus on overusing words/ideas

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