Peer Editing Response Letters/Duncan Lowell

  • Change font (spacing between letters is too long)
  • Focus of MLA format
    • Header format:
      1. Name
      2. Professor Jesse Miller
      3. English 110
      4. Day Month Year {example – 13 November 2016)
    • Add a title into your essay
    • First paragraph is lengthy (shorten it up, maybe into two paragraphs)
    • Make your thesis more clear
    • Watch out for overusing words
    • Stay away from your opinion overriding the sentence {example – “Vegetarianism is often unnecessary, with humans thriving as omnivores.” Not all people view vegetarianism as unnecessary. It can be a controversial subject
    • When quoting an author, you don’t need to indent the quote and make it a new paragraph. It can simple be put into the text as is. Just continue to add quotes and the page number
    • Good points were made {example – “Another example of this emotional factor would be a situation where someone does not speak up due to fear of being demonized.”}

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