Journal 19/TSIS “Playing the Naysayer in Your Text”

In Chapter Six of “Skeptics May Object – Planting a Naysayer in Your Text,” the authors uncover something that ever writer has difficultly coming across. Many of us tend to second-guess ourselves when it comes to our own work because we are our worst critics. Jane Tompkins was used to exemplify how her immediate reaction is “realizing that she has overlooked some major criticism that readers will surely make against her.” (78) This chapter suggests that instead of focusing on what other readers are going to think, incorporate the “naysayer” into the text. This chapter also points out how important criticism can actually be. Criticism allows the author to go back and change their work and built onto their piece. As stated, “most of us are upset at the idea of someone criticizing our work, such criticisms can actually work to our advantage.” (78) Peer editing is something I have often stayed away from because I dislike the idea of someone taking apart my work. I want to be the one to find the mistakes in my essays and not have others do so. During these past few weeks I have discovered that it is in fact helpful to have a second set of eyes. This allows me to take their criticism into considering and make my work better in the long run.

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