Journal 13/Writing the “Code “ for Pollan


  1. Make customers attracted to the product
    1. “She’s careful about what she eats, and having a fast-food lunch meant giving up a “real meal,” which seemed a shame.” (109: Para 2)
  2. Encourage customers to return
    1. “Like other comfort foods, it supplies (besides nostalgia) a jolt of carbohydrates and fat, which, some scientists now believe, relive stress and bathe the brain in chemicals that make it feel good.” (111: Para 2)
  3. Allow customers to be aware of what ingredients are used in their food
    1. Before I left the register I picked up a densely printed hangout called “A Full Serving of Nutrition Facts: Choose the Best Meal for You.” (110: Para 1)
  4. Make sure customers can point out what flavors, etc. they can taste
    1. “There’s more corn sweetener in my cheeseburger, of all places: The bun and the ketchup both contain HFCS.” (115: Para 3)


  1. Be careful of the amount of each ingredient is used in the products
    1. “If where you stand is on one of the lower rungs of American’s economic ladder, our cornified food chain offers real advantages: not cheap food exactly (for the consumer ultimately pays the added cost of processing,) but cheap calories in a variety of attractive forms. In the long run, however, the eater pays a high price for these cheap calories: obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease. (117: Para 3)
  2. Be able to back up and support your company
    1. “Ruling in 2003 in a lawsuit brought against McDonald’s by a group of obese teenagers, a federal judge in New York had defamed the McNugget even as he dismissed the suit: “Rather than being merely chicken fried in a pan,” he wrote in his decision, McNuggets” are a McFrenkensteinian creation of various elements not utilized by the home cook.” (111-112: Para 3/1)
  3. Be cautious of each and every ingredient and what they could be used for
    1. “But perhaps the most alarming ingredient in a Chicken McNugget is tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ, an antioxidant derived from petroleum that is either sprayed directly on the nugget or the inside of the box it comes in to “help preserve freshness.” (113: Para 2)
  4. Don’t use harmful ingredients
    1. “Ingesting five grams can kill.” (114: Para 1)

Be Carefuls

  1. Be careful of using artificial meat substitutes
    1. “Part of the appeal of hamburgers and nuggets is that their boneless abstractions allow us to forget we’re eating animals.” (114: Para 3)
  2. Be careful of advertising calories
    1. “According to the flyer, a serving of six nuggets now has precisely ten fewer calories than a cheeseburger.” (112: Para 1)
  3. Be careful when producing products that are inexpensive, without making the product look cheap
    1. “With so many exotic molecules organized into a food of such complexity, you would almost expect a chicken nugget to do something more spectacular then taste okay and fill him up inexpensively.” (112: Para 2)
  4. Stay away from un-natural products
    1. “Eating it, I had to remind myself that there was an actual cow involved in this meal—.” (112: Para 3)

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