Journal 11/Joel Spring’s “Movie as a Form of Education: The Film Production Code of 1930”

  1. The “Hays Code” in the 1930s was a set of rules in which filmmakers were required to follow that prohibited things such as:
    • Crime and immorality
    • Correct standards of life
    • Law had to be respected and upheld
    • Nudity and sexual behavior
    • Mocking religion
    • Drug and alcohol use/distribution
    • Depiction of crime
    • Revenge/murder
    • Homosexuality, interracial relationships, diseases
    • Marriage had to be withheld
    • Using “God” in a negative way
    • Profanity prohibited
    • U.S. flag treated w/ respect
  2. It was intended to band the use of such activities that influence daily life and social values.
  3. The consequences of the code permitted the film from being produced.

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